Rule #1: RESPECT
If your comment is not helpful or kind, please keep it to yourself. Groups like TEN can provide this value, incredible connections, friends for a lifetime, valuable information on demand, and more, but we need to respect each other and try to give as much as we get from others. Disrespectful comments will not be tolerated. Violating members will be removed without warning.

We are here to help, but it is frustrating to see the same question posted over and over (sometimes in the same day/week) when answers are ready and waiting for you to find by simply searching the group. Searching can be done on the left-hand side above your shortcuts (if on a computer) and in the bar at the top of the app (if on your smartphone). If your keyword searches find nothing relevant or current, it is certainly okay to post!

There are many Facebook groups in Tokyo and Japan whose purpose is selling things or giving things away (search Sayonara Sale, Garage Sale, Mottainai, etc). Please join those groups and post your items there. If it is a one-off, time-sensitive item like a concert ticket, please ask for permission first (PM me).

Rule #4: EVENTS
EVENTS HAVE A SPECIFIC DATE AND TIME and CAN BE POSTED ANYTIME. Please use the word EVENT in your post so your information will be searchable. Please do not post the same event over and over again. One post to announce your event and comment on your post to bump it closer to the event as a reminder. **Classes are kind of gray area... If it is a one-time class, it is okay, but if it is a weekly class or you are posting multiple classes please promote on SIOW.

If the topic directly applies to the group, is helpful information, etc... I am okay with it. If it is random self-promotion (watch my video about Tokyo, etc), NO. If you aren't sure, please feel free to contact me. If you have a weekly blog about things you do in Tokyo, this is NOT your opportunity to spam the group on a weekly basis. Instead, please promote it on SIOW.

Rule #6: JOB POSTS
The format should be:
JOB POST (please use these words, it makes it searchable)
Job Title, Relevant Details, Contact Info
- At the very end... if you are a recruiter or have more than 1 job offer, you may list a website to visit for additional job opportunities.
- Keep it simple, no selling your firm or company (do that on SIOW).
- Keep your audience in mind... this group loves jobs where English is required, etc. If multiple languages are required, list specific languages. ‘Bilingual’ has millions of meanings.
- Absolutely NO comments from the “peanut gallery” on the wage, etc. If you are not interested, please scroll. If you don’t have something nice to say, please keep it to yourself (see Rule #1).

**If you are looking for a job, we DO NOT allow you to post your resume or a big long list about yourself. You can ask a question about what resources are best to find specific types of jobs or use the search function to find such ideas. If you want to post about your special talents, please read about SIOW.

If you are looking for a roommate or a place to stay, please join our linked group instead of posting on TEN...
In this group, you can post anything accommodation related, even ads, ANYTIME!

Our group has a no advertising policy except for 1 weekend a month… which we call SHOW IT OFF WEEKEND (please see the separate post under Announcements about SIOW).

Following is an example for clarification...
- Posting a recommendation for a foreigner-friendly restaurant (spa, store, etc) you went to is welcomed (and one of the main purposes of the group). Please mention that it is a recommendation...
- Creating a post about a restaurant you own is advertising and is NOT allowed except on SIOWs.
- If someone asks for restaurant recommendations, however, you may absolutely recommend your restaurant within their post (assuming you are providing a valid answer to their question).