English Language Publication

Inizian Online Tutoring

Personal Leadership and Everyday Mindfulness Skills Program

The Erinys Incident, Book Recommendation

The Hult Prize, Social Entrepreneurship Competition

On the Brink: The Inside Story of Fukushima Daiichi, Book Recommendation

Shingetsu News Agency

UTokyoInspire Project


ATLAS English Education Program

Apple Watch App, Japanese JLPT5

Cheap Japanese Lessons 

Coto Language Academy 

English Teacher specializing in English for nurses and doctors

Foreigner Help Desk Tokyo (apartments, visa, translation, licenses, relocation, etc)

Free Community, Translation, Assistance 

Honyaku Plus, translation and interpretation services

Japanese Lessons

Language Conversation Meet-ups

Language Classroom and Translation in Chinese, Japanese, and English in Tsukuba city

Outlier Kanji Dictionary

Paths to Japan, matching service with Japanese Language Schools

Social Platform to Connect Foreigners in need of Translation/Interpretation


Astroscale, a small space industry startup building the next generation of custom satellites to remove debris from orbit and make the space environment safer for humanity

Crowdfunding Website

Ginza Hub, Co-working Space and Video Studio for hire 

Facilitator and Executive Coach

Graphic Designer

KMLAB, sustainable bamboo toothbrushes

Inkjet Printer Supplies, Maintenance, etc

JC Studios Inc.

Local by Opendoors

Master of Feng Shui (Fusui), Jodi Brunner, international expert advises businesses how to be in the right space at the right time to achieve success

Professional Writer to promote/attract media to your business

Revolut, App and Debit Card

Sandy Skye, voiceover talent

Sculpture Japan is dedicated to helping Japan based professionals (mostly bilingual Japanese, but also foreigners) to achieve success in their careers.

Ultra 3D Printing Filament

Virtual Assistant

Web Design- Modern, Clean, Aesthetic

Whatever Works Design, build your brand